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S2 Ep: 39 New Levels, New Devils

By Dr. Shante Bishop | February 3, 2016

Branding for Believers Podcast

Think you know the price of fame? Think again. At each level of success there are new challenges, new responsibilities, and new roadblocks. Success reveals our character as well as our character flaws. In this epsiode, learn how to guard yourself against common success pitfalls.

S2: Ep. 38 Paying the Cost to Be the Boss

By Dr. Shante Bishop | January 27, 2016

Branding for Believers Podcast

Many of us are praying for success, but have we really counted the costs to be the boss? Are you really ready for what you’ve asked God for? In this episode Dr. Shante breaks down the common mistakes of entrepreneurs and challenges listeners to create a plan for success.

S2: Episode 37 Backchannel Breakthrough

By Dr. Shante Bishop | January 20, 2016

Branding for Believers Podcast

The field of entrepreneurship is crowded. With so many people clamoring for limited resources, it becomes necessary to find alternative pathways to success. In this episode, Dr. Shante uses faith based examples of backchanneling, and provides strategies on how to find your own.


Ep. 36 New Years Challenge [Season 1 Finale]

By Dr. Shante Bishop | December 30, 2015
As we enter a NEW YEAR, we will be bombarded with declarations to do more, to do better, to lose this and gain that. I encourage each of you to refrain from such declarations and instead:
Reflect and Examine – Look at all of the things you did and didn’t do in 2015. What went right? What went wrong? Where did you get stuck? What did you do TOO MUCH of? What didn’t you do ENOUGH of? And most of all, what did you LEARN? We can’t live life successfully, without the valuable lessons it teaches us. So instead of declaring: Look within. Listen. Learn. And Correct.

Ep. 35 Writing the Vision Part 2

By Dr. Shante Bishop | December 16, 2015

Episode 35

In the conclusion of this two-part series, Dr. Shante shares what it means to have long money vs. short money, writing your own vision, avoiding the trap of cookie cutter marketing, and reveals some quirky things that most people don’t know about her. Guest Interviewer, Tosh Patterson.

Ep. 34 Writing the Vision Part 1

By Dr. Shante Bishop | December 9, 2015

Write the Vision

In this two part interview, Dr. Shante’ steps on the other side of the mic as she fields questions from Health Coach and colleague Tosh Patterson about what it means to Believe Bigger, write your own vision, avoid rookie mistakes, and why faith is always a part of the conversation.

Ep. 33 Book Launch Success

By Dr. Shante Bishop | December 2, 2015

Book Launch Success

In this episode I share specific tips for new writers who want to successfully launch their book. Specifically, I talk about the differences between self-publishing and traditional publishing, building a sales system around your book, and three strategies for a successful launch.

Resources Included in This Episode:


Gratitude and Abundance

By Dr. Shante Bishop | November 25, 2015
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I take time out to explore what it means to want more out of life vs. being thankful for what we already have, and striking a balance between the two. The last 5 minutes of the podcast, I express what I am thankful for, and invite listeners to pray with me for the last 2 minutes.
Happy Thanksgiving!
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Ep 31 Paul Carrick Brunson: Going All In on Entrepreneurship

By Dr. Shante Bishop | November 18, 2015

Paul C Brunson

One of the biggest lessons he learned from working with Oprah is, people don’t support you because you have a winning history. They support you if they believe that you’re going to win, tomorrow.  In this episode, Paul Carrick Brunson, famous for his work with OWN, Enver Yucel, the Huffington Post, and his award-winning matchmaking agency, breaks down what it really means to be an entrepreneur and what it really takes to go all in on entrepreneurship. He also shares powerful insights about how to manifest your ideas into something bigger than yourself.

About Paul

In the last five years, television host, author and professional matchmaker, Paul Carrick Brunson, has become recognized internationally as one of the most successful matchmakers. Paul is the founder and president of the award-winning matchmaking firm, The Paul C. Brunson Agency. His firm has served over 600 clients directly and has matched over 6,000 individuals on dates collectively through inventive live events and social media. In 2013, he received an NAACP Image Award nomination for his first book entitled: It’s Complicated (But It Doesn’t Have to Be): A Modern-Day Guide to Finding and Keeping Love, which quickly became an Amazon bestseller in just 4 months. He is a Dell Inspire 100 honoree and has been recognized as the iDate Best Matchmaker and Best Relationship Coach of the Year nominee in 2012 and 2013. Appearing as the co-host on Oprah Winfrey Network’s Lovetown, USA, Oprah Winfrey notes, “Paul is much more than a matchmaker, he’s a life coach.”

Want More from Paul?

His Website

Connect with Other Entrepreneurs at CNVO

Social Media @paulcbrunson

Ep. 30 Who Do You Think Are? Unlocking Your Identity

By Dr. Shante Bishop | November 11, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 9.24.24 PM

What a man/woman thinks of him/herself, he/she becomes. Regardless of our social media posts and hashtags, the person the world sees is not always the person that really exists. Recorded live at the Unlocked Summit in Chicago, “Who Do You Think You Are” will challenge you to examine your true identity and learn how it unlocks the door to lasting success.

About the Host, Dr. Shante Bishop

Dr. Shante is a nationally recognized brand strategist with a client portfolio that includes talent from Project Runway, HGTV, NBC Network, and the National Basketball Association (NBA). Her work has been featured in Forbes, JET Magazine, Fox Network, and WCIU Chicago.

She is also the CEO of Design Her Label where she equips entrepreneurs and influencers with the tools to build and believe BIGGER.