Church Hurt Part 2 w/ TiShaunda McPherson

By Dr. Shante Bishop | May 17, 2019
In Part 1 of this series, Dr. Shante laid out a number of issues that impact, frustrate, and hurt the very people that the church is designed to help. In Part 2 of this episode, Dr. Shante invites Rev. TiShuanda McPherson, ESQ to navigate the path towards healing and restoration. Books for Reference

Church Hurt

By Dr. Shante Bishop | May 10, 2019

S6 E15

More often than not, when criticism is launched against the church the backlash is swift and resounding. But the truth is, despite its best intentions, there have been many instances where churches have done more harm than good. In this episode, Dr. Shante tackles church hurt and provides an in-depth commentary on the ways that churches inadvertently silence, shame, and abuse their members. This is Part One of a 2-Part series.

Childish Things

By Dr. Shante Bishop | April 18, 2019

S6 E14 Childish Things

Nowadays you hear a lot about “vibrating on a higher frequency”. This is an old idea packaged in a new bottle. The Apostle Paul addressed this when he spoke about” putting away childish things.” In this episode, Dr. Shante addresses what it really means to vibrate at a higher frequency by examining the mentality, modality, and reality of elevation.

Push Through Rejection

By Dr. Shante Bishop | March 21, 2019

Push Through Rejection

How do you respond to the word, “No!”? Rejection hurts. Rejection stings. And even though, intuitively we know that rejection comes with the territory, many of us become emotionally withdrawn, start questioning our abilities and become too fearful to try again. In this episode, Dr. Shante tackles how to face rejection, and push through your wilderness.


By Dr. Shante Bishop | March 6, 2019

S6 E12 Power

When our phones die, we logically look for a source of power to recharge. The logic being, that the device will not work unless the battery is activated. Our spiritual devices work the same way. In this episode, Dr. Shante breaks down the power that we all have and how to use it to build our platforms.

S6 E11: All I Got – The Key to Abundance

By Dr. Shante Bishop | February 26, 2019

S6 E11

No more tears! In this episode, Dr. Shante bounces back and gives a powerful breakdown on the key to abundance and warns of the pitfalls that block our blessings. She shares how to remain confident and committed in your season of drought.

S6 E10: Good Grief

By Dr. Shante Bishop | February 8, 2019

S6 E10

Grab your tissues. The podcast takes a slight detour when, through tears and voice cracks, Dr. Shante shares what happened when she discovered an unexpected season of grief, what she learned, and how it revealed God’s steadfast love. Be ready for a heartfelt lesson in how to cope with grief.

S6 E9: You The Man

By Dr. Shante Bishop | January 29, 2019

S6 E9 You the Man

When confronted with behavior that is offensive to others, our natural, human response is to deny, defend, or deflect. In this episode, Dr. Shante shares what it means to own your shortcomings and the role it plays in being an effective leader.

S6 E8: Broken Crayons

By Dr. Shante Bishop | January 22, 2019

S6 E8 Broken Crayons

Imagine a world where Broken Crayons are not only used, but preferred. In this episode, Dr. Shante gives a powerful breakdown of how the things we’d normally overlook or disregard are the very things God uses to show the best of himself.

S6 E7: Rise Up and Walk

By Dr. Shante Bishop | January 15, 2019

S6 E7 Rise Up & Walk

Dysfunction demands an audience and many of us have been enabling it for far too long. In this episode, Dr. Shante challenges listeners to ditch the drama and walk on a more positive path.