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The Fear Series Part 1: Mind Games


Mind Games

Branding for Believers

EPISODE 001: Mind Games

Fear is crippling. It keeps hundreds of thousands of talented individuals from pursuing their passion and living their dream.  In the first podcast (better described as a “podclass”), Dr. Shante discusses how it’s all in your head! Overcome the mental roadblocks that are on your journey to success! She’s challenging emerging thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers to have steadfast belief in their visions and take bold action#BELIEVEBIGGER


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

How Psychological Barriers Keep You from Achieving Your Goals ([2:02])

  • Good Fear: facilitating fear motivates you. Fight or flight! ([2:10])
  • Bad Fear: debilitating fear cripples you. ([3:10])

How Fear Can Manifest in Your Life

  • The Power of the Mind. ([3:33])
  • Being Fearful vs. Being Scared ([3:45])
  • The impact of living in fear ([4:04])

Origins of Fear and “You’re not good enough” Voices ([4:31])

  • Social Conditioning: “Just Get A Job” ([5:17])

We’re conditioned to stay away from “risky” behaviors’

Dr. Shante takes it back with this old school example (8:20): The Cosby Show – THE WILDERNESS STORE

  • Stereotypes: “Do I Belong Here?” ([9:35])

The pressure to debunk stereotype may be causing you to perform poorly and self-sabotage.

  • Mental Shortcuts: “Remember that time you failed.” ([13:27])

Your mind is like a Google Search. You rely on immediate examples that come to your mind to make decisions. Is your past making you afraid to make another move?

How to Make the Shift from Fear to Faith ([17:04])

  • Real vs. Not Real: Make the distinction! The “what ifs” and the Big Bad Wolf are not real. ([17:24])
  • Confront Fear With Action! ([18:51])
  • Ask yourself the right questions! Why do I believe in myself? You will get Afformation (and affirmation)! ([19:57])

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. “When you believe in yourself, when you believe in your possibilities, when you are doggedly and fiercely committed to being successful… AMAZING things can happen!” ([0:37])
  2. “It’s amazing the kind of power the mind has on what physically manifests in your life.” ([3:13])
  3. “When you live in fear, you are routinely conditioning yourself for failure” ([4:04])
  4. “There are alternatives to sacrificing your dreams!” ([17:40])
  5. On self-sabotage: “You didn’t forget. You got scared.” ([12:40])

Bonus: DO IT AFRAID! ([18:51])