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Episode 25: Knowing the Value of Your Brand

Photo Oct 06, 10 01 12 PM

Imagine, after 10 years of pursuing your dream, getting hired under the biggest brand name in your industry. Now imagine walking away from it a short while later, to pursue a promising opportunity that turned out to be a front for a criminal enterprise.

Out of work, and drawing unemployment for three months, Jonathan Hood, bet on himself, and walked back into the offices of ESPN to request a second chance. More than a decade later, he’s a highly regarded sports journalist with a listening audience that spans from coast to coast on SIRIUS/XM radio and a sportscaster in one of the largest sports markets in the country.

In this episode, Jonathan Hood shares powerful lessons about knowing your worth, second chances, and the privilege of getting paid to do what you love.

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About the Host, Dr. Shante Bishop

Dr. Shante is a nationally recognized brand strategist with a client portfolio that includes talent from HGTV, NBC Network, and the National Basketball Association (NBA). Her work has been featured in Forbes, JET Magazine, Fox Network, and WCIU Chicago.

She is also the CEO of Design Her Label where she equips entrepreneurs and influencers with the tools to build and believe BIGGER.

Episode Action Steps:

  1. Respect the Process
  2. Work with Humility
  3. Don’t enter a partnership with someone who doesn’t share your values
  4. Maximize Your Minutes

Top Quotes:

  • “I left the most powerful brand in sports on a whim…and 60 days later, the company went belly up”
  • “For three months I didn’t know what I was going to do, but my faith was that I was that I would get back into the business”
  • “You have to believe in your brand first. I believed in my brand because they didn’t believe in me. “



Jonathan at SIRIUS/XM


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