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Ep 21: Belief in Action Series Part 2- Attracting Your Ideal Client

Attract Your Ideal Clients

When launching your platform, you have no time to “play the field”. Once you begin the intentional process of branding, and marketing yourself and your expertise, you need to be crystal clear about who you’re trying to attract. Unfortunately, when we aren’t clear on who we want to serve and how we can serve them, we wind up in one bad relationship after another, until we’ve lost clients, cash, and credibility. In this episode learn the formula to develop your ideal client profile, and how to attract them to your business.



  1. Don’t be a player. Commit to one person and focus your efforts on attracting him/her.
  2. Demographic information is not enough. You have to be intimately acquainted with your perfect client profile.
  3. Buying Triggers – messaging that strikes a nerve with your ideal client are the key to converting sales
  4. Have an intentional communication plan at every stage of your client’s action cycle



Client Profile Formula

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