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Episode 018 – It’s Time to Make a Decision

Photo Aug 19, 4 52 15 AM

A double-minded man is unstable in all of his ways. Indecisiveness, the inability to make decisions is a symptom of a bigger issue: Fear. In this episode find out what’s at the root of fear-based decision making and specific strategies for overcoming it.

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 About the Host, Dr. Shante Bishop

Dr. Shante is a nationally recognized brand strategist with a client portfolio that includes talent from HGTV, NBC Network, and the National Basketball Association (NBA). Her work has been featured in Forbes, JET Magazine, Fox Network, and WCIU Chicago.

She is also the CEO of Design Her Label where she equips entrepreneurs and influencers with the tools to build and believe BIGGER.

Episode Action Steps:

  1. Acknowledge that Indecision IS a Decision
  2. Stop gathering information and start interpreting the information already acquired
  3. Exercise Value Based Decision Making
  4. Consistently document Your Journey and the lessons learned along the way

Top Quotes:

  • “When the stakes are high, it can be difficult to make a decision”
  • “Stop letting other people paint on your canvas”
  • “It’s not faith is you know the outcome“


Blink by Malcolm Gladwell

Stop Chasing Influencers: Jared Easley and Kimani Constable


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