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Episode 013: Knowing and Growing in Your Season



When you try to eat or harvest fruit out of season, the results are disappointing to say the least. The same can be said of brand building. Building a brand is a deliberate process of planting, cultivating, WAITING, and harvesting when the time is right. When we try to accelerate the results, we run the risk of being disappointed, disenchanted, or worse… disengaging from the process.


In this episode learn when to plant, and when to know when it’s your season to reap the fruit of your labors.


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About the Host, Dr. Shante Bishop

Dr. Shante is a nationally recognized brand strategist with a client portfolio that includes talent from HGTV, NBC Network, and the National Basketball Association (NBA). Her work has been featured in Forbes, JET Magazine, Fox Network, and WCIU Chicago.

She is also the CEO of Design Her Label where she equips entrepreneurs and influencers with the tools to build and believe BIGGER.

Episode Action Steps:

  1. Polish Your Pitch
  2. Solidify your infrastructure
  3. Divorce Yourself from the Outcome
  4. Make sure you have clear policies in place to serve customers


Top Quotes:

  • “You have to put something, to get something out.”
  • “I could listen to Jeremy Irons read the phone book”
  • “You read two books and suddenly you’re an expert? No. That’s not how it works. “


Key Timestamps:

  • [03:26] Harvesting Out of Season
  • [05:25] Clues that You’re Harvesting Out of Season
  • [09:35] Lessons from the Alchemist
  • [13:42] Learning During Planting
  • [20:00] Perfect Your Pitch
  • [25:00] Gut Check: How Committed Are You


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