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Ep 26: Choosing the Right Clients for Your Business

All money is not good money. Just because a client is willing to pay for your services, doesn’t mean you should take the deal. In this episode, Dr. Shante responds to requests from listeners to provide some “digital mentorship” regarding how to select the right clients for your business. After listening to this episode, I…

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Episode 013: Knowing and Growing in Your Season

  When you try to eat or harvest fruit out of season, the results are disappointing to say the least. The same can be said of brand building. Building a brand is a deliberate process of planting, cultivating, WAITING, and harvesting when the time is right. When we try to accelerate the results, we run…

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The Fear Series Part 1: Mind Games

  Branding for Believers EPISODE 001: Mind Games Fear is crippling. It keeps hundreds of thousands of talented individuals from pursuing their passion and living their dream.  In the first podcast (better described as a “podclass”), Dr. Shante discusses how it’s all in your head! Overcome the mental roadblocks that are on your journey to success!…

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