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S5 E16: Getting Out of Your Drought

Even the best of us experience seasons of dryness. These moments are characterized¬†by a longing for God to show up on our behalf and bless us. But when God goes silent, nothing is working, or we don’t have the same efficacy that we use to have, it can create a season of doubt and discouragement.…

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S4 Ep 21: The Power of Accountability

How far do you want to go? And how fast? That’s the question Dr. Shante asked each member of her yearlong coaching¬†collective, The Twelve.¬† In this episode, Dr. Shante interviews Amber Sillmon as she recounts her experience of going from podcast listener to Twelve member and shares the powerful impact of having yearlong accountability in…

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S4 Ep5: “Reclaiming My Time”

Inspired by Congresswoman Maxine Waters coining of the phrase, Dr. Shante examines what it means to Reclaim Our Time, through a spiritual lens, and how to maximize every opportunity, especially when we feel like we don’t have any in this LIVE PODCLASS.

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