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S3 Ep19 Why I Go to Therapy Part 2

  In the previous episode, Dr. Shante laid the groundwork for why it’s necessary for leaders and influencers to seek counsel, resolve past issues, and identify roadblocks to success, through therapy. This week, she invites Dr. Tiffany Bellamy, a clinical psychologist to dispel some of the myths about therapy, why we should stop resisting and…

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S3 Ep 18: Why I Go to Therapy Part 1

High achievers, leaders and influencers can be the greatest at risk for anxiety, stress, or emotional collapse. In this episode, Dr. Shante gets deeply personal about why she goes to therapy and provides 5 solid reasons influencers should consider it as well.┬áMentioned in this episode: Childhood Disrupted by Donna Jackson Nakazawa (Book)   Mentioned in…

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