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S5 E11: Real Love, No Shade

In part 2 of the Spring Cleaning series, Dr. Shante tackles the dynamics of throwing shade. Is Kanye black enough? Should Cardi be twerking? Will Khloe take Tristan back? These mainstream distractions can pull us away from our true calling and cause our light to flicker in the eyes of our followers. Rediscover your true…

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S5 E10: There’s Some H*es In This House

There’s no two ways about it: H*e Culture is real and seems to be gaining momentum. Many believers have turned to social media bashing, trolling, cyberbullying, and dragging, but is that how God would have handled it? In this episode, Dr. Shante tackles the Christian response to h*e cultureĀ in the first of a series called:…

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