S6 E6: Unmovable

By Dr. Shante Bishop | January 4, 2019
S6 E6 Unmovable What’s the WORST thing that could ever happen to you? Chances are, it has something to do with death. In this episode, Dr. Shante explains why victory over death means we can live a steadfast, unmovable, abundant and victorious life.  

S6 E5: A Few Things

By Dr. Shante Bishop | December 26, 2018


Every year, we tell ourselves that we’re going to do MORE; we have an insatiable appetite for more abundance, more love, more travel. But what have we done with the things we already have? In this episode, Dr. Shante tackles the weight and responsibility of having more, and the key to getting it.

S6 E4: Second Chances

By Dr. Shante Bishop | November 21, 2018


In part two of this series, learn what happens when we re-align with God’s plan for our lives. Dr. Shante also breaks down how to avoid getting trapped, losing ground, and damaging our calling.

S6 E3: The Camp

By Dr. Shante Bishop | November 21, 2018


Everyone that’s in your circle isn’t necessarily in your corner. In this episode, find out what happens when people in your life bring turmoil and defeat to the camp, and how to deal with it, in Part 1 of this two-part episode.


By Dr. Shante Bishop | November 21, 2018


Normally PTSD refers to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but in this episode, PTSD refers to your “Past Triggering Self Destruction”. Learn how to face your demons and end self-sabotage, once and for all in this episode.

S6 E1: The Lost Sheep

By Dr. Shante Bishop | November 21, 2018


Relationships can be complicated. Our relationship with God is no different. In this episode, Dr. Shante shares what it means to be lost as a believer and how to find your way back.

S6 E00: Welcome to Season Six

By Dr. Shante Bishop | November 21, 2018


Welcome to Season Six! Dr. Shante is excited to bring you the first capsule season of the podcast. What this means is that the entire season is pre-recorded and will be available within days instead of weeks or months. In this brief intro, Dr. Shante breaks down what you can expect in Season 6.

S5 E20 Believers in Action

By Dr. Shante Bishop | July 10, 2018

S5 E20

From the outset, Dr. Shante committed to doing Five Seasons of the podcast. In this episode, she shares her struggles with this season and renders her decision on whether or not Believing Bigger podcast will continue for another season.

S5 E19: How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore

By Dr. Shante Bishop | July 3, 2018

S5 E19

“I just wanna know baby, if what we had was good, how come you don’t call me anymore”? Believe it or not, this is the question that God is asking many believers today. The strength of our platform is directly correlated to the strength of our prayer lives. In this episode, Dr. Shante breaks down the correlation and what we need to do to strengthen our signal to God.

S5 E18: The Bland Believer

By Dr. Shante Bishop | June 26, 2018

S5 E18

In Matthew Chapter 5 Jesus commissions believers to be the Salt of the Earth. But what does that mean? He also warns of losing our “saltiness”. How is this possible? In this episode, Dr. Shante explains the impact and potential that Believers have and illustrates the ways in which we can become ineffective.