Episode 004: Powering Forward – Elton Brand

By Dr. Shante Bishop | May 13, 2015

Elton Brand

You might know him as the Power Forward for the Atlanta Hawks or one of Duke’s most memorable alums, but off the court, Elton Brand is a serial entrepreneur, who joined me during a recent visit to Chicago to share his keys to winning in the business game. About Elton Elton Brand is an alum of Duke University and the #1 Draft Pick of the 1999 NBA Draft class. He has garnered an impressive 16 year career in the NBA and currently plays as a power forward for the Atlanta Hawks. He is also the CEO of Milk Media Studios and owns several tech startups. Overview: In this podcast, Elton dispels some common entrepreneurial myths regarding what it really takes to get your vision off the ground and offers some wise words for entrepreneurs struggling with self-doubt. Elton’s Action Steps:
  1. Do your research before partnering with others
  2. Use the momentum of one success to build another
  3. Bootstrap if you can; Big Investors = Big Expectations
  4. Start Small; Show the Potential of Your Vision
Top Quotes:
  • “There’s a lot of sharks out there; it’s their job to take your money.”
  • “I was still learning the business, but I believed in myself; believed in my brand.”
  • “Trust the system; Set a goal, execute, but be prepared to walk away”
  • “I’ve gotten a lot of good pitches on LinkedIn. It’s a place for serious entrepreneurs”
Resource Links:
  • Business Insider (http://www.businessinsider.com/)
  • From Good to Great by Jim Collins (http://ow.ly/MSwwQ)
  • The Long Tail by Chris Anderson(http://ow.ly/MSwCb
Key Timestamps:
  • 01:13 A Leap of Faith into the World of Film
  • 01:48 Before Christian Bael was Batman
  • 02:45 You Don’t Have to be an Expert to Start
  • 03:30 A Gamble Pays Off
  • 04:45 Building Momentum
  • 05:20 Becoming a Parallel-preneur
  • 06:00 Having impact with limited resources
  • 07:05 Polishing your Pitch
  • 8:00 Assessing Risks & Moving Past Adversity
  • 9:30 Bootstrapping your startup
  • 10:15 Finding the right people for your team
  • 10:50 What Sharks Really Do
  • 11:55 Trusting the System
  • 13:37 Good Reads for Entrepreneurs
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The Fear Series Part 3: Is Fear Making You Fat?

By Dr. Shante Bishop | May 6, 2015

In the finale of the Fear Series, Dr. Shante enlists health expert Dr. Ryan Powell to to explain how fear is affecting our waistlines and overall health.

SHOW NOTES: EPISODE 003: Is Fear Making You Fat?

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

How Fear Manifests Physically in Your Body: (1:18)

  • Entrepreneurship is perceived as risky and can generate the same physical reactions (Anxiety, stress, etc.) as sky-diving or bungee jumping. (1:20)
  • Money is a stressor. Walking away from guaranteed, direct deposit, security for something that is not guaranteed can form into a fear. (2:00)

About the Chemical Reactions of Fear/ Stress Hormones (2:50)

  • Adrenaline: Heart races, energy surge, jittery feeling … “Am I Really Going To Do This?” (2:58)
  • Cortisol: Increased sugar to the bloodstream. The feeling of being trapped. “I Can’t Make A Decision.” (3:41)
  • Shortness of Breath (4:10)

How Fear (Stress) Impacts Your Body – with Special Guest, Dr. Ryan Powell (4:18)        

  • Your body doesn’t know the difference between a Bear and a Bill. (4:43)
    • In stressful situations, hormones and chemicals are fired to give you the energy to either fight or flight [a bear]. (5:00)
  • If you are in on-going constant state of stress [from bills]then: (5:16)
    • Your heart is always beating fast
    • Your blood sugar is always high, which can lead to:
      • Diabetes
      • Heart problems
      • Weakened immune system.
      • Weight gain
      • Other related illnesses.
    • Mood changes due imbalanced hormones
  • Examples of “Bears” scaring you away from the path to Entrepreneurship: Start-Up Costs, Lack of Time, Lack of Knowledge. (6:04)
    • If instead of taking action, you constantly worry over your fears, your body thinks you’re in a constant state of danger. (6:38)
    • Your body does not have the opportunity to restore to its normal hormone levels and balance. (7:05)
    • Shante uses Super Mario’s Star Power as an example. The adrenaline rush is only supposed to be momentary. (7:20)

About Simple and Healthy Solutions to Fear:

  • Remember to Take A Deep Breath (8:40)
    • Create a plan that gives you that same peace. (10:23)
    • Sleep! (11:03) Fear can be causing you to lose sleep. You need to reboot, so you can perform at optimal level. (11:23)

About Cognitive Dissonance (12:05)

  • When there are conflicting attitudes/beliefs in the mind at once. (12:43)
  • Living Out Your Dreams vs. Getting Up, Going to Work, and Working on Someone Else Dream (12:50)
    • Reinvest Your Skills into Your Own Dreams (13:55)

Coping with Cognitive Dissonance: We Eat! (14:07)

  • Food is predictable, comfortable, and familiar. Many of us are overweight because we are eating our fears. (15:48)
  • We make excuse for our eating: “I deserve this”. (15:21)

About The Healthiest Way to Cope and Manage Fear (15:53)

  • Confront your Fears with Authentic action (16:03)
    • Authentic action leads the facilitation of your dream (16:12)
    • The Vending Machine – it’s right there in front of you. Just take action—don’t leave your dreams in the vending machine for someone else to snatch! (16:22)

Top 3 Podcast Takeaways

  1. “When you live below your potential, you are in a constant tug-of-war between who you are and who you want to be.” (12:05)
  2. “Take responsibility for the actions you are NOT taking.” (15:53)
  3. You are feeding your Fears! No pop, no pizza, no donut, can ever compare to the satisfaction of actually getting out there in pursing full throttle what it is that you were born to do!” (14:07)

Bonus: ”Take action, make the connections, do what it is necessary! It can save your life” (16:22)


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The Fear Series Part 3: Is Fear Making You Fat?

By Dr. Shante Bishop | May 5, 2015

In the finale of the Fear Series, Dr. Shante enlists health expert Dr. Ryan Powell to to explain how fear is affecting our waistlines and overall health.

The Fear Series Part 2: Social Impact

By Dr. Shante Bishop | April 22, 2015

Dr. Ryan Powell


EPISODE 002: Social Impact

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

How Debilitating Fear Can Make Your Dreams Inaccessible (1:34)

About the Impostor Syndrome: “I feel like a fraud” (2:46)

When you are consistently presented with praise you still have feelings of inadequacy you may be experiencing:

  • Chronic Self Doubt: “But, Who Am I?” (3:25)

When you repeatedly question yourself or your ideas and skills, you are conditioning yourself NOT to do well. You have what it takes!

  • Social Comparison: “Mines Will Never Look Like That…” (4:40)
  • Lack of Conviction = “Who’s Going to Take Me Seriously?” (6:28)

How to Overcome Impostor Syndrome: Examine the Evidence (10:34)

About Fear of Judgement: “What Are People Going to Say?” (11:42)

  • Are you granting others permission to have power over your story? (12:15)
  • The “Devil We Know” (12:58)

About Fear of Failure (Fear Is Not Such a Bad Thing!) (18:12)

  • Failure is the opportunity to learn, grow, and strengthen our resolve. (18:23)

Example: Touching the Hot Stove. (18:37)

  • Read John C Maxwell’s Failing Forward: “Failing is NOT Final” (unless we say it is!) (19:19)
  • Fear is often a mask for fear of taking accountability if things don’t go as planned (19:45)
  • Famous Failures: (23:18)

Top 5 Podcast Takeaways

  1. “Everyone you think is phenomenal started out the same way you did.” (7:07)
  2. “Good is the enemy of great because good breeds complacency; ‘good’ breeds paralysis.” (8:20)
  3. “The reason why you are here [reading this] is because I WILLED IT TO BE SO! Period.”
  4. “No one can make me feel inferior without my permission.”- Eleanor Roosevelt (13:30)
  5. “When you fail you have to own it…You are the only one responsible for the outcome of your life.” (21:14)

BONUS: It’s your time when you say it’s your time!” (24:06)


The Fear Series Part 1: Mind Games

By Dr. Shante Bishop | April 22, 2015


Mind Games

Branding for Believers

EPISODE 001: Mind Games

Fear is crippling. It keeps hundreds of thousands of talented individuals from pursuing their passion and living their dream.  In the first podcast (better described as a “podclass”), Dr. Shante discusses how it’s all in your head! Overcome the mental roadblocks that are on your journey to success! She’s challenging emerging thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers to have steadfast belief in their visions and take bold action#BELIEVEBIGGER


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

How Psychological Barriers Keep You from Achieving Your Goals (2:02)

  • Good Fear: facilitating fear motivates you. Fight or flight! (2:10)
  • Bad Fear: debilitating fear cripples you. (3:10)

How Fear Can Manifest in Your Life

  • The Power of the Mind. (3:33)
  • Being Fearful vs. Being Scared (3:45)
  • The impact of living in fear (4:04)

Origins of Fear and “You’re not good enough” Voices (4:31)

  • Social Conditioning: “Just Get A Job” (5:17)

We’re conditioned to stay away from “risky” behaviors’

Dr. Shante takes it back with this old school example (8:20): The Cosby Show – THE WILDERNESS STORE

  • Stereotypes: “Do I Belong Here?” (9:35)

The pressure to debunk stereotype may be causing you to perform poorly and self-sabotage.

  • Mental Shortcuts: “Remember that time you failed.” (13:27)

Your mind is like a Google Search. You rely on immediate examples that come to your mind to make decisions. Is your past making you afraid to make another move?

How to Make the Shift from Fear to Faith (17:04)

  • Real vs. Not Real: Make the distinction! The “what ifs” and the Big Bad Wolf are not real. (17:24)
  • Confront Fear With Action! (18:51)
  • Ask yourself the right questions! Why do I believe in myself? You will get Afformation (and affirmation)! (19:57)

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. “When you believe in yourself, when you believe in your possibilities, when you are doggedly and fiercely committed to being successful… AMAZING things can happen!” (0:37)
  2. “It’s amazing the kind of power the mind has on what physically manifests in your life.” (3:13)
  3. “When you live in fear, you are routinely conditioning yourself for failure” (4:04)
  4. “There are alternatives to sacrificing your dreams!” (17:40)
  5. On self-sabotage: “You didn’t forget. You got scared.” (12:40)

Bonus: DO IT AFRAID! (18:51)