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The Fear Series Part 2: Social Impact

Dr. Ryan Powell


EPISODE 002: Social Impact

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

How Debilitating Fear Can Make Your Dreams Inaccessible ([1:34])

About the Impostor Syndrome: “I feel like a fraud” ([2:46])

When you are consistently presented with praise you still have feelings of inadequacy you may be experiencing:

  • Chronic Self Doubt: “But, Who Am I?” ([3:25])

When you repeatedly question yourself or your ideas and skills, you are conditioning yourself NOT to do well. You have what it takes!

  • Social Comparison: “Mines Will Never Look Like That…” ([4:40])
  • Lack of Conviction = “Who’s Going to Take Me Seriously?” ([6:28])

How to Overcome Impostor Syndrome: Examine the Evidence ([10:34])

About Fear of Judgement: “What Are People Going to Say?” ([11:42])

  • Are you granting others permission to have power over your story? ([12:15])
  • The “Devil We Know” ([12:58])

About Fear of Failure (Fear Is Not Such a Bad Thing!) ([18:12])

  • Failure is the opportunity to learn, grow, and strengthen our resolve. ([18:23])

Example: Touching the Hot Stove. ([18:37])

  • Read John C Maxwell’s Failing Forward: “Failing is NOT Final” (unless we say it is!) ([19:19])
  • Fear is often a mask for fear of taking accountability if things don’t go as planned ([19:45])
  • Famous Failures: ([23:18])

Top 5 Podcast Takeaways

  1. “Everyone you think is phenomenal started out the same way you did.” ([7:07])
  2. “Good is the enemy of great because good breeds complacency; ‘good’ breeds paralysis.” ([8:20])
  3. “The reason why you are here [reading this] is because I WILLED IT TO BE SO! Period.”
  4. “No one can make me feel inferior without my permission.”- Eleanor Roosevelt ([13:30])
  5. “When you fail you have to own it…You are the only one responsible for the outcome of your life.” ([21:14])

BONUS: It’s your time when you say it’s your time!” ([24:06])