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Chasing a Dime? Don’t Waste Your Time: Samantha Thomas

Samantha Thomas

For many media producers, winning an Emmy is the pinnacle of their career. However, after winning hers, Samantha Thomas was ignited to do more IN FRONT of the camera, and created her own Chicag0 based Web Series. In this week’s episode Samantha shares a candid look at pursuing your passion, wanting to quit, and finding the full to keep going.

ABOUT THE GUEST: Samantha loves restaurants, food, and people.  Early in her career she worked as a Television News Producer for several local news markets across the U.S. including Missouri (CBS), Las Vegas (FOX, and CBS), and Chicago (CBS).  It was during her career as a news producer that Samantha received an EMMY Award.

Top Quotes:

“If you’re chasing a dime, don’t waste your time.”

“Turn your what-if’s into why nots.”

“Faith, family, and a few good friends are what kept me going”


1) Focus. Stop wearing so many hats.

2) Don’t do it all. Delegate tasks to your support system

3) Choose ONE THING daily to move closer to your goals


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